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Friday, May 25, 2012

Inilah Superhero Yang Terlibat Dalam Perag Dunia

Spins a web any size, catches Nazis just like flies... Photographer Agan Harahap imagines how world history would have been shaped if superheroes really existed
June 5, 1944: Back in Blighty, Batman inspects paratroopers at Greenham airfield
Allied troops are seen seizing works of art after storming Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria in 1945 - and joining them on the staircase is Superman
Darth Vader, by all accounts a villain, is seen at the Yalta conference attended by the big three - Winston Churchill, Franklin D Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin - in February 1945
Another photo sees the Dark Lord of the Sith casually strolling among dead Viet Cong soldiers in Saigon, 1968 - why use forces to kill when you can just use The Force?
Don't do it Captain America! The all-American 'hero' appears to be colluding with the Nazis as he accompanies Heinrich Himmler on the inspection of a PoW camp in Minsk, Russia in 1941
There's Batman again - at the MATS terminal in Washington keeping a close eye on Fidel Castro in 1959
V for 'vee give up': Vigilante V from Alan Moore's graphic novel surrenders at Taret Ravenoville along with members of the Wehrmacht in June 1944
A rather large chap is seen helping Afghan resistance fighters as they return to homes destroyed by Soviet forces in 1986
The Flash probably used his super-speed to help capture these German soldiers in April 1945
The Joker stands on the roof defence of a Moscow hotel in 1941 - no doubt after hearing that his nemesis Batman was on the warpath
U.S. Navy coast guard in Curtis Bay hear tales of derring-do from Lord Vader in 1943


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